Episode 93 - Jet Returns

On this episode, the reigning DRL Champion Jordan "JET" Temkin returns to the Quad Talk Podcast after an EPIC 2017 DRL season, where he defended his 2016 DRL Championship title in a BIG WHOOP way. Jet talks about the tactics he used to defeat GAB707 to become the 2017 DRL World Champion for a SECOND time in a row. Jet also talks about his current personal miniquad setup, some future plans for the infamous Team Big Whoop's Shrike frame, and much much more. This is definitely an episode you don't wanna miss. Please check out Jordan's links here: WWW.TEAMBIGWHOOP.COM / SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT / WWW.THEDRONERACINGLEAGUE.COM  Please visit our sponsors here: WWW.FPV-DIRECT.COM / WWW.FURIOUSFPV.COM