Episode 92 - Flying Bear

On this episode, DRL pilot Ken Loo aka "Flying Bear" flies into the Quad Talk Podcast studio and bears all. We discuss topics like how Ken got started in the hobby, why he likes being an Airvuz sponsored pilot, how hard it was for him to start his new Drone Racing Frame Company "California Quads", what the Aerial Sports League is all about, his current miniquad setup and finally, how amazing it is to be a DRL pilot. Please check out Ken's new frame company here: WWW.CALIFORNIAQUADS.NET Also, please check out Ken's sponsors here: WWW.THEDRONERACINGLEAGUE.COM / WWW.AIRVUZ.COM / WWW.GENSTATTU.COM / Please visit the Quad Talk Podcast's sponsors here: WWW.FPV-DIRECT.COM / WWW.FURIOUSFPV.COM