I'm Trace VanGorden a.k.a. "Von Quad" and I am insanely passionate about FPV quads, so much so that I have started the Quad Talk Podcast. We will be talking with the planet's best FPV pilots about themselves and their quads. We will also be discussing FPV companies, events, gear, builds, news, regulations, tips & tricks and much more. So sit back, relax and get your Quad Talk on. 



I'm "CodeRed", but in the real world, I answer to the name Cody Matson. I am a full blown Drone Addict. Period. I do whatever it takes to get my FPV fix. I live the lifestyle to the max. I work for GetFPV.com am I fly for Team Luminer. When I'm not flying quads, I'm probably blowing shit up !