Episode 99 - Telis

On this episode, Safety Third Racing pilot Aldo "TELIS" Padilla parties down with VonQuad & CodeRed while OmniFPV is left "powerless" in Florida after Hurricane Irma tore across the Southeast United States. Telis talks about how he got into the sport of FPV Drone Racing and furthermore, how he got his fiance' Mikaila "DEDDEAD" Weaver into flying miniquads too. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Adlo is definitely one of the coolest guys we have ever met and he is always there to lend a hand and help out a fellow pilot. Please visit Aldo's sponsors here: WWW.S3FPV.COM / WWW.STAYUPFPV.COM - Please visit our sponsors here: WWW.DRONERACINGPARTS.COM / WWW.FPV-DIRECT.COM / WWW.FURIOUSFPV.COM