Episode 70 - Skitzo & RaceFlight

In this episode, Jonathon Davis aka "SKITZO" is joined by Preston Garrison of RaceFlight to talk about how the RaceFlight "Revolt" flight controller is rapidly becoming the FC of choice for many of the top pilots in the FPV community. As for SKITZO, he's been busy working with Lumenier and the RaceFlight camp designing his very own Lumenier "SKITZO" Edition Flight Controller powered by RaceFlight. And if that wasn't enough, "SKITZO" has also been hard at work designing his brand new Lumenier "Dark Matter" QAV-SKITZO Edition FPV Freestyle Quadcopter, an astonishing, state-of-the-art freestyle frame that is packed with tons of features and is equipped with awesome Galaxy Graphics that make this quad look like it's from another world. WWW.RACEFLIGHT.NET / SKITZO-YOUTUBE / WWW.EMAX-USA.COM / WWW.URBANDRONES.COM / WWW.PIROFLIPRC.COM / WWW.FPV-DIRECT.COM