Episode 67 - Brain Drain

In this episode, Brian Morris aka "Brain Drain" hovers into the Quad Talk Podcast studio and spends some quality time with VonQuad & Wizwooky. Brian reveals how he got started in the hobby that ultimately took over his life and the life of his girlfriend, Christy Varva. Brain Drain reflects on several big race events in his career including the 2015 3-D Cup race in France, the Inaugural 2015 Drone Nationals, the 2016 World Drone Prix of Dubai, the 2016 Drone Nationals in NYC, the 2016 Drone Worlds in Hawaii as well as his participation in the 2016 DRL season. WWW.RACEFLIGHT.NET / WWW.HOBBYKING.COM / SKY-HERO.COM / RACEKRAFT.COM / WWW.STEPCRAFT.US / WWW.RUNCAM.COM / WWW.URBANDRONES.COM / WWW.FPV-DIRECT.COM / WWW.PIROFLIPRC.COM