Episode 104 - Gab 707

On this episode, Team Canada pilot Gabriel Kocher aka "GAB-707" is in the house after his colossal 1st place victory at the 2017 Canadian Drone National this month. Gab talks about how he first got into the hobby and why he loves long range FPV flights. He also reflects on the 2017 DRL season, his current FPV rig and the events that led to his home being engulfed in flames as a result of charging some Lipos inside his house. Please visit Gab's sponsors here: WWW.HOBBYWING.COM / WWW.READYMADERC.COM / WWW.TEAM-BLACKSHEEP.COM / WWW.GENSTATTU.COM / NRACING-FPV.COM  Please visit our sponsors here: WWW.DRONERACINGPARTS.COM / WWW.FURIOUSFPV.COM / WWW.FPV-DIRECT.COM / WWW.SAINSMART.COM