Episode 46 - Shaun Taylor Returns

In this episode, Shaun Taylor aka "Nytfury" returns to the Quad Talk Podcast and talks with VonQuad and Wizwooky about the last 5 months of races that he attended. Shaun reflects on the IDRA Western Qualifier that was held in Tempe, AZ in which he placed 1st, the 2016 Drone Nationals event in NYC in which his team "XDC" placed 1st in the team event, the 2016 MultiGP Championship that was held in Muncie, IN in which he took 1st place and ultimately, the 2016 Drone Worlds event that was held in Oahu, Hawaii in which he also took home the 1st place trophy. WWW.NYTFURY.COM / WWW.HOBBYKING.COM / WWW.AIRVUZ.COM / WWW.RACEKRAFT.COM / WWW.RACEFLIGHT.NET / WWW.FPV-DIRECT.COM / WWW.DRONEPROZ.COM / WWW.FPVACES.COM